Advent of Code

My solutions and notes

Advent of Code is a series of increasingly difficult programming challenges, released daily each year throughout December in the run-up to Christmas.

This website is created from the EllaKaye/advent-of-code-website-template template repository. There’s documentation on how to use and adapt the template in the repo README.

It is built with Quarto and works hand-in-hand with the R package aochelpers. The package provides function to manage this website, e.g. to create new posts from a template, to download and read in the puzzle input, and will eventually include functions to help with the challenges themselves. See the package website for more details.

As part of the demo, this template comes with an example listing page and Day 1 post for 2022, which you can delete with aochelpers::aoc_delete_year(2022), as well as a listing and introduction to get started for 2023.

There are two built-in themes. The light theme is designed to be quite clean, with a Christmas green and red colours. The dark theme is designed to be reminiscent of the Advent of Code website (though not identical, since the design of is part of its registered trademark). You can switch between them using the toggle in the top right corner of the page. Both themes use fonts from iA. The themes can be adapted in the custom-light.scss and custom-dark.scss files.