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Create the necessary directories for a new post, copy in template files and make them relevant to the day and year (see Details).


aoc_new_day(day, year = NULL)

aoc_new_post(day, year = NULL)



An integer between 1 and 25


An integer representing the year, from 2015 to the current year. Defaults to the current year.


The path to the new day (invisibly)


aoc_new_post() and aoc_new_day() both assume they being called from a project with a directory _templates, with a subdirectory post-template that contains, at minimum, the file index.qmd. They will copy all the files in post-template into a directory "./YYYY/day/DD" where YYYY is the value of the year parameter and DD is value of the day parameter (creating these directories if they do not already exist). This path echoes the URL structure of the Advent of Code website. Additionally, they replace any instances of YYYY and DD in the index.qmd and (if present) script.R files with the values of the year and day parameters, respectively. In addition, aoc_new_day() will also run aoc_get_input() to download the puzzle input and save it into the post directory.

If you have your Advent of Code session token set in your .Renviron file, we recommend using aoc_new_day() over aoc_new_post(). If you wish to download and save your puzzle input separately, use aoc_new_post().

See also


if (FALSE) aoc_new_day(1, 2022)
if (FALSE) aoc_new_post(1, 2022)